Soul Beach Cruisers, home of the premium Fat Tire Beach Cruisers, is based in Mesa, Arizona. Soul Beach Cruisers began in 2011 when the owner, Jim Decker saw a need for a performance cruiser. He set out to innovate with a strong aggressive bulletproof frame that was unique in the market.  Jim equipped the cruiser with premium components for a low maintenance bike that you love to ride.

Soul Beach Cruisers now offers 3 different lines of bikes starting with the STOMPER Sport. We specialize in the now world famous fat tire STOMPER® models that offer 4″ fat rims on performance low profile tires, on an oversized platform that is ergonomically excellent for bigger riders. Our top of the line model is the XTR STOMPER®, which features an all aluminum T6 6061 frame and billet components.

Electric Cruisers

In late 2017 Soul is starting to build e-bikes. With both conversions and our own design – the Soul SONIC®, we are working hard to create bikes that people love to ride.

My passion for bicycles started back in the 70’s when my dad introduced BMX racing to me at the young age of 6. What started off as a father son fun day at the race track on Sundays quickly turned into something big. By 8, I was building Mongooses & Red Line bikes after school at my local sponsor shop, Broadway Bicycles in Tucson, AZ. At the age of 9, I was picked up by Scot Breithaupt’s FMF BMX team that was later transformed into SE Racing.

Then & now caption link (1977/2013) on SE Racing’s website:

My BMX racing talent led me to motocross where I raced in both Ponca City and Loretta Lynn’s National MX events. Followed by a variety of MTB, Jet Ski and off road desert racing. I made my mark in the Go Ped market in the late 90’s as the local race director, racer, designer of many Go Ped products.

In 2011 I decided to get back into the bicycle industry. I took on the task of designing a true stand out premium performance beach bike that clearly separates itself from all others. My STOMPER’s are a celebration of my BMX, MX and design history that flows into my unique frames and forks along with my long term love of biking.

Ride the Soul lifestyle ~ Jim Decker

  • 2017 Daytona Speedway

  • 1974 Indian Bowl - Tucson AZ

  • 1976 Broadway Bicycles - Tucson AZ

  • 1977 Factory SE Racing

  • Interbike 2012 - SE Racing Todd Lyons


  • 2016 BMX show SD

    SE Racing team mate Perry Kramer AKA PK Ripper

  • BMX Hall of Fame - Eddy King

  • 2015 USA BMX Nationals

    SE Racing team mate Stu Thomson

  • GT BMX - Craig Turner

  • Vert Champ Matt Hoffman

  • 2015 Supercross

    Ralph Sheheen – FX Sports

  • Borris Said

    Road racer hired gun for NASCAR.

  • Factory Slaton KTM SX race team

  • Miss Supercross Juliana Daniell

  • 2018 Las Vegas SX finials - AJE Motorsports

    Ralph – Eric – Jim

  • Lou Ferrigno

  • PK Ripper - Perry Kramer


  • Dave Praters custom STOMPER

    FELD SX Director

  • Erin Bates

  • Greg Hill

  • Bondurant

    Grand Sport track time

  • BMX HOF John Crews

  • Roger DeCoster

  • Chris ‘The Flying Fish’ Fischetti

  • 2018 BMX HOF

  • Ralph Sheehan

  • PK Pripper & Eddy King

  • Darryl Storge Wars

  • Tinker Juarez

  • New 3TV Celeste Rodriguez – NASCAR