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Thanks again for your impeccable customer service and outstanding bikes!  We had a lot of fun cruising pacific beach on Christmas Day as santa's elves!  Happy new year!  Bill M - San Diego CA 

I just have to guys are AWESOME SAUCE.  I mean SERIOUSLY.  Just got the RAW today, and I could not resist putting it together immediately.  Going to take it down to the brewery tonight to show it off and share the decals and brochures you sent.   Greg TX

I really appreciate your customer service.. You definitely treat me like a friend not a customer.. I will continue to praise the Soul brand and ride our Stompers proud.. I am definitely a customer for life. Paul FL 

Jim, I am going to promote the HELL out of this beauty to everyone I know, what a cool company you have going on .  No joke. I have to go ride around the hood for a bit. This thing is SICK.  Jack CO

Jim, Your stomper is flat out insane!. All I want to do is ride it. I’m saving to buy my wife one.  Keep up the great work. John TX

Got my bike yesterday, assembled it, made the adjustments and rode!  The comments at the S.E C football games at the Georgia Dome were all the same.."SICK BIKE!  they guys were drooling over your design.  Keep up the Good Work.  Im gonna get the front brake soon.  Denise loves her Halo.  We probably rode 20 miles yesterday evening.  Perfect bikes!  It was worth the wait.  Jon GA

Had People Take Your Info & asking a Lot Of ?  Best bike ever!  Love it.
Bike Gets So Many ��������  -  Bobby  CA

Got the bike professionally assembled and rode it about 20 miles this weekend in Ventura California...everyone who saw me gave me a big smile and thumbs up  :) it definitely makes people look twice. - Scott CA

Just wanted to tell you I am really enjoying the stomper.  It is a truly fantastic ride!  Dennis - FL

Thank you for creating a great fat tire beach cruiser. Tony FL

I have been looking over the fat tire stomper bikes on your website, and I plan to purchase one of the white/teal "Miss Stomper" 3-speed models. This bike is for my girlfriend. I am absolutely crazy about the super high quality cruisers that you guys build. Todd PA

I m in Michigan so it takes a while for new styles to reach here so you can be sure I m going to spread the word about my stomper.I use to bmx race and I haven t been this excited about a bike in 30 years.excellent!!!!!  Steve - MI

As promised, I tried to get some pics of the Soul Stomper at Burning Man.  It was VERY dusty so the bike was covered in dust in pretty much every picture. Gonzalo REALLY appreciated it.  He noted that last year he came home and was in pain for over a week from the bike he used last year.  He said this one was very comfortable to ride and was especially  good at handling the soft sand that will bring most bikes to a halt if you aren’t going fast enough.  As you can see, he just sailed right through them.   Mark - CA

Hey Jim,
Thanks so much for the awesome cruisers! Here they are on Cocoa Beach, FL..  Stan FL

Thanks Jim, your obviously gonna hate me but you keep sending me pictures of your new bikes.. The 3 speed Titanium bike, when is that available. How much is it? Let me know I would want to change the the 3 Speed Storm a Trooper bike to the mad Jimi Titanium bike. Let me know what the price is first and when it will be available? Thank you always for your great customer service.  Mark CA

Well, I have to ask you again to switch me if that is possible... I really love that titanium blue and black. Those are my two favorite colors and they really blend well with your design.   And my girlfriend really digs it, too. I was looking forward to getting a bike soon, but if you allow me to switch, I think it will be worth the wait. Sorry again for the trouble. Just don't put any of your new designs on the web page before I get this one, or I'll never get a bike.  Tim SC

First of all, I gotta say, you have a couple of awesome dudes working there at your shop. They were super friendly and more than willing to show me around and tell me all about your products, and I was very impressed with not just the bikes, but with your people and your workshop.....In my experience, it's usually a pretty good sign of outstanding quality when the items you're shopping are completely sold out at the retail location.....and online.....hahaha! But hey, that's quite alright with me, I'm a patient enough guy.  Tyler AZ

Jim, thanks for the update and for your outstanding customer service.  I am strongly considering getting a halo for my girlfriend.  Ill probably order her one next week.  Ill be in touch soon.  Thanks again for making a killer bike!   Scott CA

Hi Jim and co,
Calling from Canada , I want to say thanks so much I received my bike yesterday and what a fun ride! A few people have seen it and were surprised as I was, as we have nothing like this up here. Definitely is a head turner .  All the best and I'll do my best to promote this bike! Thanks again !
Mark - Canada

Hey guys thanks again for you product, 
Here is a picture of her if can post it to happy customers. Joe FL

Man I cant tell you enough how much I love this bike.. Every one that sees it has to stop me

And touch it and ask about… I seriously put about 50-75 miles a week on it ..Thanks again for being

So helpful with my purchase..I will continue to post pics as much as I can -   Paul FL

Thanks Jim!! Ready for the next Generation!!  Lots of looks and compliments on the Stompers!! Lots of fun and they are BAD ASS!! Talk to you soon!!  Chris FL

Your product is bad ass so you should be a shoe in.. I got $400 towards my Neon Green Stomper getting close. Robert CA

Jim, The bike is amazing! It's a hit with the so cal crowd where I surf.   Shawn CA

I have been looking to purchase a bike for a while, but nothing really got me excited until I seen the soul stomper.  You have a very cool product, really looking forward to getting my feet on the pedals of one of these. Tim MI

Hello Jim, 
The bike is awesome, rides very good, is comfortable and esay to use,
No issue for essembly for me, easy  to do if you have the right tools.
I think I would have a other one in the future.
Thanks for the outstanding service and communication.
Five star rating from me....  Bruno Belgium


Don't buy a beach cruiser without checking this place out FIRST.  
I stumbled across SOUL by accident when I attempted to look at bikes at the "now out of business" Tempe Bicycle on Rural.  There was a sign on the door advertising the Soul bike shop, so we went to take a look.  So glad we did!

The frames that Jim uses are his own design and totally different than any other cruiser on the market.  You can customize your color, rims and even handle bars to get exactly what you want.  And they have cool colors that you won't find anywhere else.  I am 6'4", so I wanted a larger frame.  The Soul bikes are naturally larger by design, and just perfect for me with a set of ape hanger handle bars.

Jim is a really cool guy, and takes the time to educate his customers on how he has designed an all-around better bike.  He'll let you mix and match parts until your bike is perfect for you.  And the prices are LESS than anything that you'll find in a chain bike shop, for a far better and unique product.

So do yourself a favor and look at a Soul bike before buying anything, anywhere else.  You'll be amazed at just how much better they are.

OUTSTANDING Customer Service!  Thanks so much...Jim.  Keep up the great work!
John GA 

I am out of my mind excited to get my hands on this machine.
P. McGee FL.

I have been looking to purchase a bike for a while, but nothing really got me excited until I seen the soul stomper.  You have a very cool product, really looking forward to getting my feet on the pedals of one of these.
Tim SC

I’m going to PIMP my new Stomper everywhere!!!! I’ll be your pusher here in Cocoa Bch!!!!! ThanQ ThanQ!!
Bryan. FL

Soul crew, My Stomper is flat out incredible. This 58 year old feels like a kid again riding this work of art. I’m now biking in 8-10 almost every day.
I can’t thank you enough for your service and expertise.
Richard, VA.

Came in a few weeks before Christmas, looking to put a bike under the tree for the girlfriend.   Its always amazing to be met at the door with a handshake, by the owner of the company.  Jim's enthusiasm towards his product was contagious and he was quick to let me take a test spin on one of his fabulous bikes.  I absolutely love every bike he had in his shop.  All the colors were amazing.  He also has no shortage of fun add-ons to personalize your two wheeler.   To echo another reviewer, don't make a purchase until you check out Soul Beach Cruisers.   5 stars all day long.

Real cool and different style of cruiser. I stand out from all the rest of the bikes in the best possible way. Thx

A big thanks to Jim & Bridget!!!  hands down the best street cruzer on the market!!!

Excellent service, thorough and friendly staff. My bike had flat in back and needed new tube.  Replaced and front wheel checked. Front tire checked pumped up - as well - free slime in front and back tires.  Bike runs great - (they put a tougher/thicker tube in the back tire).  Very reasonable cost.

These guys are fantastic. They helped me out in a jam when I was biking home. I suddenly received a flat tire riding home near their store and went inside. They refilled my air and added slime to the tubes to prevent a future break. I got home safe and quickly because of their kindness to help.

While I waited, I tested out one of their bikes. Smooth ride! I felt very comfortable riding it and can definitely see it as a perfect cruiser.

  • AJ Y.
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • YELP

I love Soul Cruisers!!! The bikes are amazing & so is the customer service! We have purchased 3 cruisers already & love each of them! Solid bikes with great colors & looks!

I had bought my first Soul 2 years ago when i saw the soul my brother in law bought the year before and keep going back for more the design and the frame are just simply put awesome and this bike is the talk when i am riding at night with friends and family. i am always stopped and asked about my bike and the usual response is i have never seen soul cruisers before. My daughter had to have one so i was back to get her one last year and my wife one for her birthday this year as she fell in love with the new 2015 white and pink womens Halo awesome looking and incredible ride. I went to the new store in Tempe and Jim the owner treated us just like family as always what a great person. I have also purchased several sets of LED lights for all of our bikes along with all of our family and friends and what a showcase riding at night! we are always stopped to find out about them and asked where to get them and it is now super easy to get them with the soul beach cruiser store in Tempe. I will be going back for the new model and will keep the one i have. Great bikes, great design and best looking bikes around! and the new 57MM wheels look awesome!

My husband bought his first Soul bike this weekend and after only a couple days I knew I had to have one.  We went to the new Soul store in Tempe and for the first time I found the perfect bike for me.  I am short (under 5'2") and the women's bikes fit me perfectly.  The ride is very smooth and comfortable.  The quality and details in the design of this this bike is what makes it stand out from the rest.  I added white LED lights to the wheels and at night they look AWESOME!  Also, the owner/designer of Soul Beach Cruisers (Jim) was a very nice guy!  I will definitely be referring others to this bike shop!

  • A M.
  • Mesa, AZ
  • YELP

Rented a couple bikes here.  The service was awesome and they were so friendly. I would highly recommend this business

Very good service. Yesterday I and my wife went to a very far place by the rental bicycles from this shop. We can't go back because the tires are flat after crossing a grass land. Finally, Jim, the owner of the shop, spent 2 hours to drive us home. He didn't ask any rewards and compensation. I'm so moved.

absolutely love it there! I'm a poor college student and my bike handle bars were broken (not a cruiser bike) and I went in the store and they offered to fix my bike for free and to tube protect my tires! other bike shops I went to wanted to charge me 5$to fix my bike when all that was needed a screw to be tightened. great people and a great atmosphere! would highly suggest buying a bike from them, they truly care about what they do

Soul Cruisers rock! Jim has designed a killer looking high quality bike that is a blast to ride! His new fat tire cruiser, the Stomper, is better than any of the new high dollar fat tire mountain bikes available at a fraction of the cost. His Halo beach cruiser has the largest wheels and tires available for a cruiser. With the accessories and color options, Soul Cruisers has brought back fun to riding a bicycle! 

My wife & I specifically went to Soul to check out the bikes and to rent a couple and ride the greenbelt bike paths through Scottsdale. Jim's service was second to none and we had a really great day riding around. So, if your in the market for a unique bike or just want to take some friends on a great afternoon of riding around town on some rentals, check out Soul! 

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride" J.F. Kennedy

  • Yzer C.
  • Durango, CO
  • YELP

Scott B FACEBOOK - 5 star  Jimi has gone above and beyond with style, function, quality and coolness. . His rIdes got SOUL 

Jacob Healey FACEBOOK - 5 star Just bought an awesome bike from a passionate owner.
Diana Johnson FACEBOOK - 5 star Robert picked up his Soul Stomper yesterday and he can't wait to get back out today! Great service, great LOCAL owners, extremely knowledgable! Patiently waiting for mine to come in!

Mario Radcliffe FACEBOOK - 5 star It has been said before but I'll echo it again , if you are looking for a cruiser for that special someone in ur life I highly recommend you stop by and see Jim before buying anywhere else. He has an awesome unique product and is a kickass business man that will treat you with respect , the way it should be !!!!!

David Holmes FACEBOOK - 5 star Best beach cruiser on the market the soul stomper is awesome

Donny Tomko FACEBOOK - 5 star Awesome bikes and Jimi D takes a ton of pride in what he does

William Carnahan FACEBOOK — 5 star  The first thing I want to say is, THANKS JIM!! You guys really took care of me down at SOUL and I know I found what I was looking for! The cruiser is awesome, easy to ride and easy on me too. This is exactly what I remember riding a bike as a kid and it couldn't feel better. The bike is tough as nails and when I go riding down the street, HEADS ARE TURNING!!! Thanks again and my son should be contacting you soon about setting up a SOUL for him.

Ken Likewise - FACEBOOK — 5 star  Great new bike shop in Tempe great owners LOCAL BIZ just straight up good people we have some of there Bikes hanging up in are restaurant Rehab Burger Therapy.

Jim Peterson FACEBOOK— 5 star  Great bike and not like other cookie cutter beach cruzers. The gearing is great making the bike easy to ride. EZ to assemble, shipping was fast and the price is right along with excellent quality.

Mandy Rogers FACEBOOK 5 star  The BEST nicest people and coolest comfiest bikes! Support local.

Ixtoc Garcia FACEBOOK— 5 star Excelente diseño. Es la baika mas chida en que me he pasiado. Suavemente!

Nick Felix FACEBOOK — 5 star Great bikes, great accessories, great people!

Daniel McPherson FACEBOOK — 5 star Perfectly cool designed bikes

Michael Tawfik FACEBOOK — 5 star Great service and a great bike!

Jason Nye FACEBOOK— 5 star I love it. Very comfortable and unique looking. Love the color options you offer.

Jim Peterson FACEBOOK — 5 star Great bike and not like other cookie cutter beach cruzers. The gearing is great making the bike easy to ride. EZ to assemble, shipping was fast and the price is right along with excellent quality.

Let me tell you how incredible your Stomper truly is. I’m having more fun riding now then I could ever imagine. Talk about turning heads everywhere. I love all the attention I get when adventuring out on it. You’re a true craftsman and hit the vain for mainlining bike fun. Cindy G -Dallas, TX   

Sorry it took me three years to send you a 
The bike on your front page is SICK!  I want one. The picture on my facebook is us Soul Cruising in my beautiful city, Peurto Vallarta, Mexico. I get offered money each time I cruise. Would be cool to have shop here selling your bikes. Peace and Love, Barry - Mexico

My stomper is by far the best biked I’ve ever owned. Amazing ride and looks that kill. Johnny J - Scottsdale, AZ  

I just wanted to say you guys rock!! - I love by new Eastmark Bike! It is very smooth
and it's a lot of fun to ride - Thanks for making these cool bikes for our community   -  K. McEntire - Mesa, AZ 

Hey All, Not sure if Josh is still there?  Last year he sold us a pair of cruisers and shipped them to Mazatlan, Mexico.  We have ridden the bikes hundreds of miles with no problems.  We love, love, love the Soul Cruisers.  If these ever wear out, we are buying another pair from you all. Thanks! Barry and Candi - Mazatlan Mexico 

Thank you so much!! It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Definitely going to spread the word about your company and your amazing customer service - Sheila - San Diego CA 

The Disco Lights look awesome on Jeremy's wheelchair!!!   With his speech being so impaired, it is very difficult for him to talk and for us to understand him.  But, after my husband installed the lights and turned them on, Jeremy smiled and said: "SWEET" just as clear as can be!!  Judy - Virginia Beach, VA 

OMG my new Soul is freaking AWESOME! Clean lines and a super smooth ride. This is the best beach cruiser I’ve ever owned. Buying a second one for my wife next week. John - Huntington Beach CA 

I’m so glad we stopped in to test ride your bikes. Jack - Gilbert AZ  

Hello Soul. I must admit I was upset when my husband purchased a set of your bikes site unseen from your website. But WOW let me tell you how terrific your beach cruisers are. We are amazed with the one off styling and ride quality is the best in the business. Every time we ride people aways comment on how cool the bikes are. Kelly - Miami FL  

Hi Jim! I hope that you had a great day today and we're able to sell a bunch of bikes. I'm sure that Tom told you that I picked up my bikes up this evening and bought a basket and lock.  I couldn't be happier!  You guys are great and a pleasure to do business with.  Thanks so much!  I'll swing down later this week when you get the basket liners know those women. They love their accessories. Thanks! Lee - Scottsdale AZ

Kathy W- Yellow Pages We bought two bikes at Soul in Tempe recently from the owner Jim. I was immediately impressed with Jim's knowledge on cruisers, but most impressed w his honestly. He encouraged us to compare his bikes to all other sellers. We did and we quickly went back & bought 2 bikes from Soul Beach Cruisers in Tempe. They are great & fun bikes. I HIGHLY recommend them!!

Appreciated the help with my tire, great customer service and expert knowledge! Perfect location and friendly environment...

Jim & his wife absolutely the best people to deal with 5 STARS

very friendly and helpful - we had never been there but felt like we had run into an old friend who just wanted us to have a fun time riding bikes around the city

I Was running late and the guy waited that was great he was scheduled to go home and he made the changes with a smile. Great customer service ��

This place is awesome and their custom bikes are even better.

They put free slime in my tires and fix my flat. Best customer service and saving to buy one of their bicycles.

Jim was very helpful and got me into the bike of my dreams!!! Value and best of all excellent customer service. Everyone is amazed at the cool LED lights that came on my Soul. 

“Really liked that personal touch.”

Felt like part of a family as soon as I spoke with Jim and his wife. It was a great buying experience!

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